Teachers in Pokhara

About the TIP conference

The overriding goal of the conference is to further explore and develop the possibilities of international cooperation to enhance and modernize the Nepalese educational system within the dual contexts of advanced teacher training and education in a rapidly changing and ever more globalized world. The conference is also intended to bring together many of the stakeholders in the Nepalese educational system to share ideas and find common interests and goals.

The TIP conference’s keynote presentations and workshops are focused around several interrelated themes.

1. The Nepalese National and Local Curriculum
2. 21st Century Teaching Skills
3. Cooperative Learning Methods
4. Internationalization of Education
5. The Inclusive classroom in a Nepalese context
6. Administrative support
7. Values Education

The Teachers in Pokhara (TIP) Conference is a joint project led by NFORSDT with support and cooperation from KPZ University (Netherlands), The Karma Fights Foundation, Thole Foundation, Basker Memorial School, Balprabhat Bording School.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Bidhya Nath Koirala

Drs. Jan Heijmans


Drs. Bert Thole

Teacher of Religious Education & philosophy of Life at KPZ University

Dr. Babu Ram Dhungana

Program Schedule

Day One: Keynote speeches / Participant orientation

The Keynote speeches:

  • Nepalese National and Local Curriculum
    Dr. Bidhyanath Koirala (Nepalese Educationist)
  • 21st Century  Education 
    Drs. Jan Heijmans (President , KPZ UNIVERSITY)
  • The School as Moral as Community
    Drs. Bert Thole (Teacher of Religious Education & philosophy of Life at KPZ UNIVERSITY)

Participants orientation meeting

The participants will be divided into four groups with five teams each to facilitate participation in all four workshops and the presentations on day three. After the workshops on day two, the groups/teams will meet in classrooms to formulate ideas about how they can use what they have learned in their schools and classrooms, and to prepare team presentations that will be presented to the conference on day three. This meeting is an orientation and explanation of that process, and an introduction to their coaches who will be available to help the teams develop their ideas and prepare a power point presentation.

Day One Schedule (please be on time)
09:30 – 10:00 am: Registration/ Group formation
10:00 – 10:20 am: Opening ceremony and welcome song by students of BMS
10:20 – 11:35 am: Keynote  – Nepalese National and Local Curriculum, Dr. Bidhyanath Koirala
10:35 – 11:50 am: Cultural Dance by Gandaki Tara
11:50 – 12:00 pm: Tea Break
12:00 – 01:00 pm: Keynote – 21st century Education, Jan Heijmans
01:00 – 01:30 pm: Lunch
01:30 – 01:45 pm: Cultural Dance – KEF Secondary School
01:45 – 02:45 pm: Key Note – The School as a Moral Community, Dr. Bert Thole
02:45 – 03:00 pm: Dance performance – Tarakunj Secondary School
03:00 – 03:45 pm: Participant orientation meetings
03:45 – 04:00 pm: Closing of session 

Day two: Special Session for Principals / Workshops for participants

Special session for Principals – Leadership Training, Jan Heijmans (KPZ University)
There will be a special session for Principals on their role as leaders in the educational community and system. Principals are welcome but not required to attend the workshops, and they may leave the conference after the special session.

The workshops will be given separately to each group in order to facilitate participation. Each group will meet in a separate classroom.

·        Cooperative Learning Strategies
Drs. Bert Thole , Teacher of Religious Education & philosophy of Life at KPZ University together with Nynke & Cathy

·        Digital Literacy in the Classroom
Sashidhar Baral (language)

·        Inclusive Classroom in Nepalese Context 
Dr. Babu Ram Dhungana, Education Chief, Gandaki Province

·        ESL in the Multicultural Classroom
Stephen L. Johnson (TEFL Certified Teacher/ USA)

Day two schedule (please be on time)
09:30 – 09:55 am: Welcome address / tea
10:00 – 12:00 pm: Morning workshop set (2 workshops, 55 minutes each)
12:00 – 12:15 pm: Tea Break
12:20 – 01:05 pm: Group/Team meetings
01:05 – 01:50 pm: Lunch
01:50 – 03:50 pm: Afternoon workshop set (2 workshops, 55 minutes each)
03:50 – 04:05 pm: Tea break
04:05 – 04:35 pm: Group/Team meetings (you can stay longer if you wish)

Day Three: Presentation and declarations
On day three the teams will deliver their presentations to the conference.

Day three schedule (please be on time)
09:30 – 10:15 am: Team meeting to finalize presentations (come early if you like)
10:15 – 10:30 am: Welcome – dance performance
10:30 – 11:55 am: Team presentations, session 1
11:55 – 12:10 am: Tea break/ Dance performance
12:15 – 01:40 pm: Team presentations, Session 2
01:40 – 02:25 pm: Lunch
02:30 – 03:20 pm: Questions and answers (all groups – main hall)
03:20 – 03:50 pm: Pokhara Declaration
03:50 – 04:05 pm: Closing ceremony/ Musical performance