NFORDST is the result of the inspiration and shard ideas of Professor Bert Thole (KPZ University), Theo Hulshof and Mr. Prem Bahadur Kunwar, one of NFORDST founding members and its current Secretary. Together, they envisioned a way to bring a modern teacher training program to primary and secondary schools in the Kaski district of Nepal, where Mr. Kunwar lives and works. In 2009 Mr. Kunwar traveled to the Netherlands to begin planning a modest training program for his colleagues at the Tarakunj School on Pokhara.

The result was a collaboration between KPZ University, The Theole Foundation and NFORSDT that produced a challenging two-tiered program to certify educators. Once certified, these educators conduct workshops in modern teaching methods and strategies for primary and secondary school teachers . The training programs and workshops highlight the important role education has in society, and trains teachers in effective teaching methods and behavior, pedagogy and didactics, developing student resources, classroom psychology and management, and cooperation with colleagues, plus a great deal more.

To date around 40 teacher trainers have been certified and approximately 350 teachers have participated in trainings and workshops, in the Kaski, Syangja and Baglung districts.

NFORDST primary role is in providing logistical support to conduct the teacher training programs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to realize the modernization of the Nepalese education system and see that it meets international standards in a broad range of areas and disciplines such as teacher qualifications and training, pedagogy, classroom management, and technology. We wish to realize an educational system that fully prepares children for a meaningful and productive life in an everchanging and globalized world.

Our mission

Our mission focuses on delivering teacher training programs and demonstrating that when schools are organized around modern methods and approaches, they produce better learning experiences for students.

It is our hope that with international cooperation and support, and through the continuing development and implementation of our programs, we can provide real world examples of what is possible for the development of the Nepalese educational system, and most of all for the future education of our children.

Board of Directors and advisors

Bishwo Raj Banstola


Bishnu Sharma Timilsina

Vice President

Salikram Adhikari


Yubaraj Tripathi

Executive Advisor

Kul Prasad Adhikari

Executive Advisor

Prem Bahadur Kunwar


Shova Mishra Adhikari


Sashidhar Baral

Joint Secretary

Bhim Prasad Neupane


Shree Krishna Adhikari


Raksha Bahadur Chhetri


Rekha Gurung Tripathi


Dilli Ram Adhikari


Shila Thapa


Shiva Lal Dhital